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MSN: What’s New?

Jun 06, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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MSN Bests Google & Yahoo in Search Shootout

  • According to research conducted by Interlink, a Cincinnati-based web marketing research company, MSN bested the top two search providers in terms of relevancy, freshness of content, failure rate, difficult search results, and non-organic or extra features.
  • MSN debuts Windows Live Academic, a portal intended to provide results from academic journals, conferences articles, etc pertaining to the fields of computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and more. Find details at:
  • MSN launches a beta version of its new search technology-Windows Live Search-from Microsoft. This technology allows for all search results to appear at once in a box with a scroll bar, so you don’t have to click through page after page of search results to find what you’re looking for. Find out more at
  • MSN releases the Windows Live Toolbar, a new toolbar that lets you save web pages for later viewing, and another which automatically detects RSS feeds on a page and offers the option of adding them to an aggregator.

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