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The Next Generation of Search is Here

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Next Generation of Search

When you first go to Leapfish ( you will immediately notice that it looks different that any other search engine or out there. That’s because it’s a search aggregator, acting as a portal to retrieve information from many sources at one time.

In addition, you will also notice there is no actual “Search” button to click on. Leapfish uses something called hyper-threading technology to connect with over 200 online sources to bring you “click free” results faster than ever before.

Along with their famous tag line: “It’s ok, you’re not cheating on Google…,” the idea behind Leapfish is to take advantage of the information overload online. Nowadays, when you want to find something online there are often too many choices for searchers. You can go to a website, look at a video and browse through images, read up on blogs and check reviews sites before you even make a buying decision.

Leapfish wants to take search to the next level by providing you the results you want right on one page. According to Leapfish, in the About Us section online (,

  • “Our goal is to gather, organize and render the most relevant information from the internet’s most valuable destinations for each users search, in one single simple shot.”

Leapfish seems to have all the search answers, but what is the user reaction? Since debuting the site last year, there have been many mixed reviews from users and advertisers. Leapfish definitely raises the bar on search, and if the site takes off, businesses that have chosen to stay away from Web 2.0 and social media, will need to begin adding these user enhanced applications to their sites. Blogs and video are a great place to start and can really boost your organic strategy online. If you sell on eBay or Amazon, Leapfish also pulls information from these major shopping sites.

PPC or Pay Per Click ads on Leapfish are also different than any other search engine run ad campaigns, and have caused a lot of controversy. Leapfish wants you pick a keyword or words, and then purchase a slot on their site for 1 year. You can choose to advertise in position 1, 2, or 3, and each position has a fixed price.

After the year is up, then you pay a 5% fee (5% of the original sales price) each year that you continue to advertise. The cost is based on the keyword itself and the price goes up for that word as search traffic increases. Leapfish’s idea is that you should buy early, that way, years from now you will “own” prime real estate on their site, assuming the site takes off and can compete with the Big 3 – Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The other half of purchasing an advertising slot is that you can also sell it. Say you don’t want to advertise anymore or have changed businesses. You are able to sell your add slot now and possibly make a profit from it.

Leapfish’s advertising is an interesting an new way to look at PPC ads and it will be interesting to see if their new way of buying keywords is something advertisers really want.

In conclusion, Leapfish is a great site to search on if you know you want more than just web results. The click free technology is really cool too, and it’s not just for searching. You can simply scroll over images and video and they will instantly enlarge. Leapfish, still is Beta form has a long way to go, but the potential of this new search aggregator shows how search has changed in the age of information overload.


Contributed by: Christy Smith, Milestone Internet Marketing

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