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5 Easy and Last Minute Holiday Tips to Boost Online Traffic

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5 Easy and Last Minute Holiday Tips

Contributed by Bhawna Sharma, Sr. e-Strategist

The holidays are the perfect time to relax and share memorable moments with loved ones. Holidays are also a time when many people travel, which provides a huge opportunity for businesses. Don’t sweat if you haven’t done anything yet; here are quick last minute holiday tips to make the most of this season to boost online traffic to your website.

  1. Give your site a holiday facelift: Add a colorful holiday/Christmas graphic and check the pages to make sure everything is fresh and updated. Make sure the offers are current and valid. Also update your social media profiles to reflect the holiday spirit.
  2. Offer last minute specials and deals: Everyone is looking for deals, specials, and discounts. Offer holiday specials and last minute time sensitive deals on your website for those looking for one. It’s the time to give, so throw in a special deal on your site.
    Last Minute Holiday Tips To Boost Traffic
  3. Cross optimize and spread the word: Utilize different channels to spread the word about this special deal and update your Google Offers and PPC ad copy to direct visitors to the holiday special on the site. Even Tweet and Facebook about it to let everyone and their friends know.
  4. Talk about what’s happening in the area: Be the go to source of information for holiday happenings and things to do in the area. Talk about events in your area such as holiday sales, tree lighting ceremony, or scheduled New Year’s Eve parties. People look for things to do in the area before booking a stay. Talking about nearby holiday events allows consumers and travelers to find your hotel.
  5. Engage and Celebrate: Reach out to your customers, fans, and partners online using various channels such as your blog, Facebook and Twitter profiles, etc. and encourage engage with them. Thank them and send them warm wishes for the holiday season and the New Year.
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