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Effective Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization at Pubcon

Nov 15, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Effective Keyword Research

Keyword Research, Selection and Final Optimization

In order to conduct strong keyword research, you need to have a defined process in place. Stoney deGeyter walked us through three things we need to know in order to have a strong strategy.

Three things to know:

  • Know WHERE your audience is: What language do they use?
  • Know WHO your audience is: terminology they use
  • How to target the audience effectively

Below are the steps to smart keyword research and updating your current site:

  • Brainstorm keywords
  • Look to competitors for keywords
  • Looks at keyword seasonal trends. Position yourself for the upcoming season.
  • Prioritize your keywords: High volume, ROI
  • Map your “core” keywords to content
  • Organize new keywords within your existing content

Marty Weintraub, President of AimClear, also had insightful information on how to pull in additional relevant keywords by thinking outside of the box. By utilizing WordTracker’s thesaurus root keyword stemming function, you will be able to find various terms used for the one specific core term you are targeting. Take that list, drop it into Scrapebox and pull Google/Bing Suggest results and you will have a new set of keywords to go after and research.

This opens up your strategy to an audience that uses different terminology to describe your product/service.  By doing a little extra research and adding commercial modifiers, new targeting opportunities open up that you never thought of before.

Amanda Watlington, PHD, Searching for Profit
Stoney deGeyter, President, Pole Position Marketing
Marty Weintraub, President, AimClear
Ken Jurina, President, Epiar

Contributed by: Zulema Romero, Milestone Internet Marketing

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