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Easily Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix

Jun 04, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Integrating Social Media

There are numerous ways to integrate social media into a marketing mix, but in order to make it work in the most beneficial way possible, you need to incorporate many key elements. Here are a few.
Post content that is valuable to audience.

  • Post content that is valuable to audienceExample: Using informative videos.
  • Instead of posting regular “commercials” about a product or service, post informative videos that show how to choose the services for their needs or what special features are available.
  • For instance:
    • A bartender making his signature (only-available-at-this-place) drink.
    • A video outlining one or more of the special travel packages – show families going snorkeling, etc. “Which one is right for you?”

Drive online audience to your offline presence and vice versaDrive online audience to your offline presence and vice versa.

  • Example: Using “Like us on Facebook” stickers in hotel.
  • Facebook now sends out window stickers to some local businesses. The sticker instructs customers to text a given number in order to “Like” the hotel on Facebook. Hotels, for instance, could put one up at their front desk or front door.

Treat contacts as people, not as outlets.

  • Treat contacts as people, not as outletsExample: Respond to contacts’ posts and post back.
  • Make sure there is time taken to respond to people who post on your social media pages. There will always be something to learn from the exchange and it makes the contact feel special. Also, it leaves a path of comments for other potential contacts to read.
  • Don’t exclusively contribute to personal domains and conversations related to the brand. Chip in where your presence is valuable.

Conclusion: There are many other creative ways to make your social media marketing story a success. Keep up to date with what’s happening in the social media world and continue to update your strategies in order to keep your approach fresh.

Contributed by: Bradyn Blower, Milestone Internet Marketing

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