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How to create social media profile effectively?

Aug 06, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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social media profile

1. How to write title and description:

  • Our ultimate goal on social media sites is to attract more traffic. Title and description is integral part for this goal. Title should create eagerness to get more information on related search, this will be more effective. For example start your title with “How,” “Why,” or “Looking For” etc.
    Let’s make description very short (around 150 chars) and clear. Make sure description should not be professional on any of the social media sites.

2. Language Preference:

  • Most of the social media sites are not recommends content other than English. English is the best choice to attract majority of users and catch up most of the stuff.

3. Up to date Information:

  • To get attention of users on your article/comment, bottom line is information should be up to date. For example, if you are discussing about coupon on your website and coupon validity already expired or you are discussing “Valentine day” offers in month of March you will not be able to attract users. Make sure always discussing about attractive, lawful and up to date topics.

4. Proactively respond to comments:

  • Comment is one way to track traffic estimation. If you respond on your comments proactively users will be more interested to get more information and your discussion will go on. To expand your group or social network you should respond to your comment in timely manner and also you can post your comment on your interested area.

5. How to get traffic on Twitter, Facebook using Digg.

  • Digg is most famous social bookmark now a day. Are you guys looking any way to connect your digg profile on twitter and Facebook?
    Here are the steps to follow to connect your digg profile on Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Go to and you will get unique link for each domain.
    e.g. if you go to, you will able to get one unique link Before submitting any profile on digg, twitter, and facebook you need to create accounts on each of them.
  2. Here you will able to submit your digg profile on Twitter and Facebook.Doubletree Orlando
  3. If you want to spread your digg profile on twitter just click on twitter symbol ( ) at the very top right corner and you will get following screen and you can add your description.Doubletree Orlando
  4. In same manner, you can spread your digg profile on Facebook on clicking Facebook symbol.Doubletree Orlando

Here under “What’s on your mind?” text box you can write your comment and share your digg profile in facebook. Also, you can send this message to your whole friend list.

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