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Five Reasons Hotels should Use Google’s Hotel Finder Tool

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Google’s Hotel Finder Tool

The go to tool for travelers: Google’s updated Hotel Finder tool offers travelers a plethora of very useful features to find the right hotel. Due to the tool’s ease of use, the strong relevancy of results, and ad/clutter free look, it will become the go to tool for travelers when they are searching for the best hotel for their next trip.

Five Reasons Hotels should Use Google's Hotel Finder Tool

Why and how can a hotel use the tool for its own advantage? With Google populating the tool with very rich data, here are 5 tips for a hotel on how to leverage the tool:

  1. Driving online traffic and revenue – consumers can book through OTAs or directly through the hotel’s website, hence the tool is a key targeted traffic driver to the website.
  2. Competitive intelligence – hotels can use the tool to understand where they stand versus their competition and use the information to enhance their offering. Several metrics they can use for competitive comparison are:
    • Rates
    • Historical rates (rate hike)
    • Number of reviews and the star ratings
    • Type of hotel
  3. Consumer insight – acquire an in depth understanding of consumer sentiment. Since the tool provides reviews from several channels, hotels can monitor the ongoing consumer sentiment and find opportunities to leverage. For example, if several reviewers are highlighting their Free WiFi, then the hotel can market that offering on their marketing collaterals.
  4. Finding marketing opportunities – by using the tool’s new ‘Magic’ sorting system, hotels can gain further understanding of user needs. When a user clicks on ‘Magic’, the tool brings up hotels that are relevant along key metrics such as competitive price, reviews, ratings etc. If a hotel is not featured on those search results, it is an opportunity for the hotel to try to gain relevancy for those metrics.
  5. Leverage location – hotels can use the tool to understand if their location falls under any of the top local searches from consumers and Google’s perspectives. For example, if a hotel shows in the tool’s search results as ‘Near the Convention Center”, the hotel should promote that Location as a unique selling point on their marketing collaterals, including web, brochures, etc. and express its value, i.e. “Hotel is only 4 mins by car to the Convention Center”.

*Contributed by Manisha Kumar, Director of Client Services

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