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New features from Google – highlights of Google Caffeine

Dec 07, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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New features from Google

Recently, Google rolled out its much anticipated upgrade, Google Caffeine, which promises to improve the speed, accuracy, size, & comprehensiveness of Google search. As Bing gains ground, Google polishes its act and consolidate its position as the Guru of Search.

We analyze a few of these new features and tools.

  1. Say Goodbye To Duplicate Content Issues On Multiple Product PagesWhat: Google’s new feature, Parameter Control, lets you list up to 15 parameters for Google’s search bots to ignore.

    Why: Benefits
    Can improve your site’s crawl efficiency
    Gives you better display URLs

    Is an excellent way to control duplicate content on your site – Telling Google that these pages contain the same content will allow them to index only one version in their search results. For example, if you specify that the parameter session id should be ignored, Google will consider these URLs to be the same page.

    Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Once there under the Dashboard click the Site Configuration tab. Then choose Settings and Parameter Handling option is available to you. For each parameter, select the option you want and save it.

    Please Note: Google treats these requests as suggestions rather than directives.
    Image/ screenshot to embed in the blog post


  2. New Tool To View And Perfect Your Rich Snippets What: Rich Snippets Testing Tool

    Why: You can now preview what your snippets will look like in search results and make sure you have all your code in order. No more shooting in the dark. Also, if your site doesn’t have rich snippets yet this tool makes it much easier to add them

    [A] This tool shows you a live preview of a URL’s existing rich snippets and
    [B] It also shows you the rich snippet code that a site has in place.

    rich snippets

    To add snippets: Check out the search results and find an example of the additional information that you want your site to have available. Put that URL into this tool and check out the code that the site is using. Take that code, edit it to reflect the facts about your business, and then just add it to your own page’s code.

  3. Google’s New DoubleClick Ad Exchange – PPC On SteroidsWhat: Google’s Content Network (GCN) is upgrading with their new DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The Ad Exchange is an advertising system for display ads that integrates with the GCN and your AdWords account.

    Why: In addition to running your ads on the millions of sites available across the GCN, you can now also build display ads yourself and then pick and choose where they go. Deliver a compelling display ad and make it completely relevant to what the user is looking at. You can specify exactly which Web site you want your ad to display on.

    How: Google has a very detailed Display Ads 101 tutorial that will help you on your way.

    Example: Place an ad of a new wine on a travel webpage giving tips on a Napa Wine Tour.

    template gallery

  4. What Does Your Google Map Listing Have to Do With Your PPC Campaign ? 

    What: Local Business Ad Extensions in your AdWords ads. This is an extra line at the bottom of your AdWords ad that displays your business’ street address and tells searchers that you’re a local business.Why: It is too early to tell whether this will increase your ad’s CTR (click through rate) but we think that this icon will soon be a popular indicator of a local result. The additional icon plus the fact that your ad would be one line longer both help your ad stand out from the other competition in the local results.

    How: Go into your Local Business Center account and link your Local Business Center account to your AdWords account. This will allow the addresses to be dynamically inserted into your text ads depending on the search query. If you don’t have a Google Local Business Center listing, AdWords provides an option to manually enter your address into your listing. Now, your ad can appear on Google Maps. A further option is being able to upload a custom icon that will appear on Google Maps.

    google maps


Contributed by: Aditi Karandikar, Milestone Internet Marketing

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