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Google 411

Jun 04, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Google has launched a free phone information service called Goog 411 (800-466-4411). All you have to do is call 800-Goog-411 and tell the automatic voice what city and state. Once you give the business name, it will connect you to that business. If you say category, it will give you the top 8 results in the order that they appear in the local search results. If you are signed up for Local Google, you will be listed in Goog 411.

As part of the Milestone enrollment process, we sign up our clients in Google Local. Once Google Local “snail” mails the validation card to your property, you will need to either email the pin code that’s on the post card or fax the card over to Milestone. The account manager will enter the pin number into the respective account to complete the enrollment process. If you are a new client, a Milestone account manager will review this process with you. Be sure to watch out for a postcard sent by Google to activate your account at your business address and complete the enrollment process by sending the pin written on the card to Milestone.

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