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Facebook Ad Tactics for Search Marketers

Mar 05, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Search Marketers

Facebook Ad Tactics for Search Marketers

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land
Speakers: Brian Boland of Facebook, Addie Conner of Avenue100 Media Solutions, Michael Khan of Performics, and Will Scott of Search Influence.

Why should you advertise on Facebook? The simple answer is this: Facebook has more than 4 million active users. Of those 4 million users, 50% log on to their profiles every day. How does this translate over to the advertiser? REACH! Facebook provides a tremendous opportunity to increase your brand exposure, drive acquisition and sales, and generate fans.

How is advertising on Facebook different than advertising on any other search engine?

  • Purchase Funnel: Facebook provides the opportunity to reach your audience while they are still early on in the conversion funnel. This means you have earlier access to a potential buyer, providing a greater chance to sway their decision making process.
  • Bidding Strategy: Keywords are irrelevant in Facebook. Instead, your ads get triggered via demographic and user profile information such as “likes and interests”, groups they are a part of, and things they are a fan of.
  • Ad Type: Four different types of ad in Facebook:
    • Website Ad: Text with or without an image – very similar to any other search engine ad that sends the user to your business´ website.

      Website Ad

    • Social Ad: Standard ad with a social aspect.

      social ad

    • Event Ad: Integrated with Facebook Events and includes an “RSVP” call to action. When the user clicks on the “RSVP” button, they see all the event details and which of their friends are attending

      event ad

    • Page Ad: Designed to drive traffic to your business´ Facebook page and encourages users to become a fan.

      Page Ad

  • Addie Conner of Avenue100 Media Solutions compares Facebook to the “wild, wild, west”, meaning that Facebook is still brand new. Advertisers should take advantage of Facebook while it is still in its infancy and not over saturated with search marketers.

People treat Facebook as an authentic, real part of their lives. As a result, nearly 99% of the information people provide on Facebook is accurate. For the marketer, this means that you can truly get to know your audience, allowing for more opportunity to effectively target future marketing campaigns.

Contributed by: Justin Varghese, Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing

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