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e-Travel Insights – Search Engines On The Move With e-Travel

Jun 04, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
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With the recent launch of the Yahoo! Trip Recommendations module, it’s evident that travel research continues to significantly evolve. The new tagging feature used throughout the module customizes results for the user based on recent online activity. Timing couldn’t be better, as the Yahoo! Travel Summer Survey concluded that nearly 4 in 5 travelers are still yet to firm up their summer plans.

Among the new features of the module are: personalized trip recommendations, personalized travel deals, new mapping functionality, Yahoo! messenger flight planner, and Yahoo! trip planner tagging. You can check rates and availability directly from the Yahoo! application, or choose to check on other sites such as:,,,, or the brand directly.

What do all these new features mean for hoteliers? It means that hoteliers need to be more attentive and aware than ever about their online presence. With dynamic new search capabilities including the new Yahoo! tagging feature, it’s imperative that hoteliers keep their online presence strong, and reflective of the product. Rate parity and integrity continue to be hot topics, as it’s easy for consumers to shop multiple sites and view rates on multiple channels.

Article contributed by Kimberly Ehrlich, Milestone Internet Marketing.

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