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CSS and HTML Coding Today

Nov 10, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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CSS and HTML Coding Today

This session focused on CSS and HTML coding standards that should be followed today, especially since all the focus is on Web 2.0. Speakers talked about how to optimize your site for speed, semantics, structure, and importance of providing structure data format to your web site content.

Here are some of the highlights of this session:

  1. It is important to focus on your site speed because
    1. it is one of the ranking factors used by Search Engines to rank your web site
    2. it is important for great user experience
  2. You can enhance your site speed by consolidating all your css calls. Less css calls means that your site will load site
  3. Avoid making CSS IDs and Classes when possible
  4. Be wary of using Javascript on your site. Too much use of Javascript will burden your site and negatively impact its performance
  5. Employ caching, CDN, image compression as much as possible. You can find a great resource to cache your WordPress site here. You can find information on how to compress images here.
  6. Create proper semantics on your web site. Semantic creator is one such site that you can use to create proper site semantics
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