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Clarion Hotel San Jose Ranks High For Niche Markets

Jun 04, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Hotel’s Challenge
The Clarion Hotel in San Jose is a resort-style property located one mile east of San Jose International Airport. The property invested a significant amount of money on a website that while attractive didn’t produce revenue for the hotel.

Existing Website Evaluation
Evaluation of the hotel’s existing website showed the could not be found on the search engines. It was a static site and did not focus on the local attractions. Packages for the property were all lumped together on one page. The site did little more than serve as an electronic brochure.

Milestone Strategy
Milestone did extensive research on what visitors were searching for in the San Jose area. The site was then redesigned to highlight different attractions and niche markets on separate pages that were fully indexed within the site. Specific content was written on local attractions and packages to give visitors to the website what they were searching for on the internet. This targeted marketing helped increase conversion for the hotel.

– Property now ranks high in search engines for all targeted niche markets
– Unique visitors jumped over 368% over the course of one year
– Revenue increased over 375% in one year

Client Testimonials
“As of January 2006, we hired Milestone Internet Marketing to manage our website. After one year we analyzed our website statistics and calculated an increase of 377% revenue from our website comparing year 2005 to year 2006. Considering that our total gross room revenue performance improved by 72% comparing year 2005 to year 2006, a net revenue gain of 305% was experienced translating into an increase of approximately $135,000 in internet booking revenue.

Additionally, Milestone has performed surveys revealing that internet bookings represent only 33% of the total revenue produced from most hotel websites because the other 66% of customers book reservations by phone. Based upon this information, I would project our phone-in revenue from our website to be an additional $250,000 in revenue over what we would have made otherwise. $385,000 in total is our projected increase in revenue for 2006 compared to 2005.”

Christopher N. Billawala
General Manager

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