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Blekko: The New User Friendly Search Engine

Jan 19, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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A new search engine that makes filtering web results easy is a new search engine introduced late last year which focuses on user experience and the ease of filtering web results.

Through filters that Blekko refers to as slashtags, Blekko enables the user to filter search queries based on specific categories. Just as Google has tabs on the left hand side where you can filter for images, videos, news, realtime and more, Blekko offers a simple slash tag to filter the search query. For example, if you want to search for San Francisco blogs you would simply type in “San Francisco /blogs.” You can also filter the search by date (/date) to see the most recent results.  The database currently consists of over 30,000 slash tags, including /twitter, /youtube, /hotels and /flickr results.

Blekko screenshot.

Blekko screenshot.

Blekko not only makes it fast and easy to dig deep into search results and find the most relevant information, but they are following the latest trends by allowing the user to incorporate their Facebook friends into the results, and create their own Blekko profile and custom slashtags. Blekko is also forthcoming with search engine optimization data, showing exactly what information is used to rank individual sites, giving great insight for marketers.

For those who know what they are looking for and wish to dig deeper into search results, find more relevant information from trusted sources, and see backend SEO information, Blekko is a great user friendly search engine.

Contributed by: Meagan Hasenoehrl, Milestone Internet Marketing

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