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Bing & Your Business: What Matters Most When It Comes To Bing?

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Bing & Your Business

Benu Aggarwal of Milestone Internet Marketing interviewed Rajesh Srivastava, GPM (principal group programming manager) of Bing Webmaster – Search Ecosystem. Rajesh shares his insights on why Bing is emerging as the most exciting and unique “decision” search engine for travel and small businesses.

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The following are several bullet points on why Bing is a cutting-edge decision engine:

  • Most comprehensive coverage on the Internet – user friendly for decision queries, long phrase searches
  • Bing offers the most relevant content for what you want to do and is organized in a simpler way that makes sense to the users.
  • Travel – Bing gives traveler reviews, booking information, and details about a specific hotel. Bing is a decision engine, not just a search engine, because it helps travelers stay informed and further ahead in the decision process.

What can small businesses do to rank high organically in universal search on Bing?

  1. Look at the traffic that is coming to your site and make sure you are converting.
  2. Search on Bing for the Bing Local Listing Center and take control of your listing -make sure the content is fresh, accurate, and your profile is updated with phone numbers and URLs. Deliver a complete user experience!
  3. Take advantage of Social Media – Blogs, Twitter, YouTube Videos, etc. – as these impact your linking strategy.
  4. Design your website and content for the user experience and target your market audience – mobile users, social media fans, etc. If you offer a better experience, it will help with visibility in the search engines.
  5. Measure Return on Investment for organic search on Bing – initiate the user to your website and then measure the entry points (organic, social media, or paid search) and conversion rates. Make browsers into users of your service!
  6. Register in the Bing Webmaster Center – enter your website, site map, and email address. Bing Webmaster works as a liaison between search engines and the content owners/publishers, and offers unique features like outbound links, back links, and SEO toolkits (real-time reports) which are not available in other Webmaster centers.
  7. Engage the Bing Webmaster – If there’s a feature you want, ask for it! Give them feedback on what they can improve and be transparent. They love to hear from you.


Contributed by: Benu Aggarwal, Milestone Internet Marketing

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