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Avoiding PPC Data Paralysis [SMX Advanced Seattle 2012]

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Avoiding PPC Data Paralysis

Long Tail Keywords Management:

  • Long tail keywords are very effective and can help drive more conversions and revenue at a lower cost.
  • Use about 10 to 15% budget to test a few long tail keywords for your business.
  • Please do not draw conclusions by running the long tail keywords for a month.
  • Use historical data and analyze to see if the long tail keywords are converting.
  • Have patience when working with long tail terms.
  • Long tail keywords might drive less volume but can be used to drive additional niche customers and conversions

The best approaches for managing the campaigns are:

Analysis –> Optimization –> Investment

5 Main metrics that should be looked at other than conversions/leads

  • Bounce Rate – A metric which is ignored a lot. SEO’s use this but important for paid search campaign manager to measure this metric.
  • Average Page/Visit – How many pages does the visitor visit?
  • Average Cost Per Page View
  • Return Visitors – Visitors might come back and convert.
  • Multi Channel Attribution


  • Keywords should be monitored closely and historical data should be used before making decisions.
  • Long tail keywords are very effective and should be used for additional opportunities
  • First click data analysis is important.  Majority of us give credit only to last click model.
SMX Advanced – Seattle June 06,2012

Moderator: Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Q&A Moderator: Rob Bucci, Founder, STAT Search Analytics


Benny Blum, Director, Strategy & Analytics, eSearchVision
Marc Poirier, Co-Founder and CMO, Acquisio
Siddharth Shah, Director of Business Analytics, Adobe Systems

Contributed by Justin Varghese, Sr. ROI Manager

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