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Announcing 3 Speaking Sessions at HSMAI in January

Dec 05, 2018   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Announcing 3 Speaking Sessions at HSMAI in January

Once again we are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting three 100% complimentary sessions on January 22nd at the Marriott Marquis, New York NY. We will be discussing all things digital marketing, focusing on the latest trends, innovations and key strategies hoteliers will need to use to stay ahead in the coming year.

Join us for these free sessions:


Digital Competitive Benchmarking: Using digital competitive analysis and data analytics to develop your marketing plans
Benchmark your digital presence vs. your competitors. Compare your readiness for latest digital trends such as Voice search, Mobile competitiveness, AMP, Website Technology, Search Visibility, Omnichannel marketing, etc. vs. other competitors and industry benchmarks. Using Data analytics for determining digital marketing channel effectiveness and prioritizing marketing spends.

Omnichannel messaging: What does the future of content creation & distribution look like?
Crafting a cohesive, well-tailored and effective message is hard enough, but how do you ensure that you leverage it to its maximum potential? How do you use it in social channels, on your website, in local search, even in mobile channels like SMS? What does tools and strategies can the modern hotelier leverage to create a unified omnichannel messaging strategy? Join Milestone as we discuss how to effectively monetize your messaging and value propositions across multiple channels.

Your website on steroids: Next generation website technologies for 2019 and beyond
What are the next big shifts in website technology? How does voice-search impact how you build your website? How will your website content be impacted by these new technologies? And how do you ensure that all the new technologies that are becoming critical keep you in check with compliance issues like ADA and GDPR? Join Milestone as we discuss the shifts in website technology that we see in 2019 – and beyond – and how they will fit into the larger ecosystem of your modern website.

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