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The Mobile Ad Universe

Mar 01, 2012   |   Speaking Our Minds
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The Mobile Ad Universe


There is no doubt as to why you should run mobile ads. All of the SMX Panelists would agree, the next question is how do you run mobile ads? Since 53% of mobile subscribers have smart phones in the US, how do we target those users to convert?

The 3 best practices of mobile advertising are:

  1. Create a separate mobile campaign
    • Since setting adjustments (budget, device, geo-targeting) is only available at the campaign level, it is easiest to create a separate mobile campaign
    • With a separate mobile campaign you can adjust the time of the day when your ads are shown as well as adjust the budget
    • Research keywords with high search volume on mobile devices. Do not just copy and paste the keywords you are bidding on for your desktop campaign. Users search differently on their mobile device
    • Tailor your ad creative to mobile – calls to action, shorter adcopy
  2. Have a mobile-optimized website
    • Make sure you see what your mobile website looks like on all browsers and mobile devices
    • Include calls to action and your phone number so that users can easily convert
  3. Take advantage of mobile specific ads
    • Apply the click-to-call feature – provide the user the ability to call the business directly. There is a 6-8% increase in CTR when the click to call function is enabled. Urgency and proximity are key drivers of calls, they are also the scenarios best associated with purchases.
    • Apply location extensions – 90% of mobile consumers have conducted a local search via their device. It is it critical to the consumer to know how close your business is to them
    • Think strategically for mobile sitelinks. Do not use the same sitelink extensions for your mobile campaign versus your desktop campaign. Mobile users want to find your business or product urgently and sitelinks can provide more information for the user.

As mobile search continues to increase it is vital to know how to run your own mobile advertising campaign.

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff, PPC Manager

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