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Why Do Second, Third and Fourth Positions on PPC Listings...

June 2, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
While it’s certain that PPC ads in the #1 position on search engines receive more clicks than ads in any other position, it doesn’t mean that they generate more sales....
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Is Advertising Really Effective?

June 2, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
Our 21st century lives have been bombarded, blurred and “overkilled” with advertising on TV, movies, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, airplanes, and even on the...
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Go Organic, Get Conversions!

June 2, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
One of the current issues of online marketing is whether organic search engine optimization results in higher conversion rates than sponsored searches and pay per clicks. Based on...
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Realizing the “New” Powers of Online Local Marketing

June 2, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
The power and profitability of local online marketing are more apparent every day. We have seen that if you want to sell/purchase goods or services via a print ad in a local...
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Internet Promotion – Where? Search Engines, Directories,...

May 31, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
There are so many vertical lodging directories and engines that exist currently. This is how we divide the Market share of Main Search Engines and regional, local, national, and...
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10 steps towards building Link Popularity:

May 29, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
Link Popularity is a combined measure of the number and the quality of links that are pointing to your website… In other words, how many other sites considered your site to...
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Top 10 Electronic Marketing Must Do’s

May 26, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
Define Your Online Marketing Strategy If you want to secure your share of the lucrative online marketplace, think about all the steps you will take to target Leisure, Corporate,...
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Getting the Most Out of Travelocity

March 6, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
Travelocity ranks in the top third of the “most visited sites in US, according to Nelson Net Ratings. The study also shows that Travelocity and Expedia are the Web’s most...
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Speaking Our Minds

January 1, 2006   |   Speaking Our Minds
Milestone’s Hotels to HTMLs Seminar Series Milestone — a full-service internet marketing firm, specializing in internet marketing strategies and website development for...
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Blogs, Oh My!

November 16, 2005   |   Getting Social
BLOG stands for Better Listings On Google! Some portions of this article is taken from the Planet Ocean Newsletter written by Esoos Babnar and some from RSS Made Simple. What are...
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