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e-Travel Insights – Search Engines On The Move With...

June 4, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
With the recent launch of the Yahoo! Trip Recommendations module, it’s evident that travel research continues to significantly evolve. The new tagging feature used throughout...
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Clarion Hotel San Jose Ranks High For Niche Markets

June 4, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Hotel’s Challenge The Clarion Hotel in San Jose is a resort-style property located one mile east of San Jose International Airport. The property invested a significant amount of...
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Milestone’s Top 10 Website Programming Guidelines

June 4, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
1. Use clean CSS (cascading style sheets) codes 2. If websites are built on a dynamic platform, make sure that your Content Management System is search engine friendly 3. Keep...
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Travelocity Launches Interactive MySpace Profile Page

June 4, 2007   |   Getting Social
Check out Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome interactive MySpace page! Gnome MySpace page engages consumers by offering funny videos, downloads, etc. This page also has two very...
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Google Launches Pay Per Action

June 4, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google is launching its innovative new Pay-Per-Action service ( where advertisers can increase their web reach while paying only for...
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Google 411

June 4, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google has launched a free phone information service called Goog 411 (800-466-4411). All you have to do is call 800-Goog-411 and tell the automatic voice what city and state. Once...
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Tech Bytes – Google Now Mixing News Into Organic Results

June 1, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google is now mixing news results directly into the organic listing. If you go to and type in a search for President Bush, along with the search results, you will also...
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Are You Blogging Yet?

April 5, 2007   |   Getting Social
Blogging for Lodging Blogs are the hottest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals. Based on Technorati research (blog search engine), there are almost 3...
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Tech Bytes – Search Engines Can Read Images!

April 5, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Yes, most search engines, including Google, read images by the image file name and Alt tags. They look for a particular tag called “ALT tag” and “Image names” when...
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Tech Bytes – TripAdvisor Adds Video to Hotel Reviews ...

April 4, 2007   |   Getting Social
Recently, TripAdvisor released a new feature to its e-opinion travel review site. Registered members of TripAdvisor can upload a video to the site which can then be tagged with a...
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