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Capturing Your Fair Share in the Online Arena

September 21, 2007   |   Speaking Our Minds
Experts are projecting that 60% of all business will be booked online next year. Are you prepared to get your fair share? It’s not big news that the internet has changed the...
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Top 10 Things to Consider Before You Budget for Internet...

September 21, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Visibility on Search Engines—Search engine optimization (SEO) entails writing keyword-rich meta tags and enhanced content for your website to rank high on search engines for...
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Online Review: Why Should You Care?

September 21, 2007   |   Speaking Our Minds
When you travel, how do you determine where you stay?  If you are like most consumers, you are likely to turn to friends, family, and acquaintances.  More and more travelers are...
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Google Announces Mobile Ad Network Expansion

September 21, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google, the online search leader, is expanding the number of advertisements it delivers to mobile devices. On Monday, September 17th, Google announced that any web site accessible...
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Does Pay-Per-Click affects Organic Ranking?

September 21, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
One of the questions our clients often ask is whether conducting pay-per-click advertising will impact their organic rankings? The truth is that it is very difficult to prove a...
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From Hotels to HTMLS: Internet Marketing coming to a seminar...

August 9, 2007   |   Speaking Our Minds
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. will be speaking at the following events in the near future: AAHOA Regional Forum Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at the Forth Worth Convention Center...
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Measuring The Success (ROI) of Your Search Engine Marketing

July 27, 2007   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
One of the most successful and challenging things about marketing on the internet is that the impact of your marketing efforts is measurable. While critical to your initiative,...
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How Do You Measure The Importance Of The Internet?

Frequently, hoteliers measure the size and importance of the internet as a booking channel by the number of reservations flowing through their online booking engines. An alternate...
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The Next Frontier in Internet Marketing – Web 2.0

July 27, 2007   |   Getting Social
It is evident that Web 2.0 initiatives are changing the way all industries operate today. The chart below shows the overall spending by US marketing executives on the next...
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GM’s eCommerce Checklist

July 27, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
Weekly 1. Online Inventory Make sure you have sufficient inventory allocated for all sales channels, especially on your site. Your independent and website is the most...
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