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Top 10 Online Tips for the Summer

May 28, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
Top 10 ideas to help hotels increase their summer online bookings. This article focuses on creating summer packages and ideas for monitoring and improving your online...
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Milestone President Talks to Matt Cutts from Google Regarding...

March 13, 2008   |   Getting Social
In Febuary 2008 during SMX West, I had the pleasure of interviewing the head of Google’s Web Spam team, Matt Cutts. He is very well respected in the SEO community for...
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Top 10 Things You Can do to Market Your Hotel in Today’s...

March 11, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
Given the challenges in today’s economy, internet marketing has become a critical method for driving online reservations for hotels. Whether your hotel’s needs are short term,...
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Image Search and Optimization

March 11, 2008   |   Industry News
View and understand the keywords, meta tags, and description usage of a competitor's webpage. This new SEO meta tags add on tool can help you fully understand why top ranking...
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Multifaceted Search

March 11, 2008   |   Industry News
Maximize your internet real estate by including videos and a separate video sitemap to your website! Google announces their Google Site Map Generator tool. Now, via Google...
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Social Media – Future for the Travel Industry

March 11, 2008   |   Speaking Our Minds
Social Media is the future for the travel industry. Plan your marketing for the future with Social Media outlets, and ensure that you do not live in the...
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Email Marketing

March 11, 2008   |   Speaking Our Minds
Email marketing continues to prove itself as an effective way to communicate with your customers—both existing and potential customers. There are several proven best practices...
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A Must-Use Keyword Tool

March 7, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
SEO book has a extremely powerful keyword research tool which provides date from multiple sources including Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, and more. The best part about this tool...
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Spy On Your Competitor’s Keywords

March 7, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
What keywords are your competitors buying? And what AdCopy are they using? You can always Google the keyword term and see who else appears alongside with your ad, but what if...
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MojoPages – Facebook’s Internal Yellow Pages

March 7, 2008   |   Getting Social
For all Facebook Users, you now have access to a full Yellow Page index, with an estimate database of 15 million businesses so far. MojoPages allows you to search any business...
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