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The Future of SEO

Sep 05, 2008   |   Industry News
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Search Engines Today
Google has been rolling out universal results over the last few months. Its new technology has completely changed the algorithm of SEO. Now, end-users are able to vote for content with their clicks, bookmarks, tags, and ratings. These are very strong signals to the search engines, and they don’t place as much weight on the information related to the linkage data surrounding web pages anymore.

Search Engines Tomorrow
The Future of SEO will give way to a new form of optimization. It will place a much larger emphasis on optimizing a range of file types, from PDFs to images to music and videos. Feeds with other types of information such as local, news, and financial information will become much more popular. Search will also become more of a personalized experience. This new form of optimization could end the old style of ranking reports as search engine results will be based on universal results from end-user specifics, such as their geographic location, time of day, searching history, and peer group preferences. Marketing into networks and social networking will grow with it.

Contributed by: Thanika Smavatkul, Milestone Internet Marketing

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