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Ask the SEOs – SEO Advice From the Experts

Mar 20, 2011   |   Industry News
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SEO Advice From the Experts

Ask the SEOs session at SMX West 2011The Importance of Trust and User Experience in Search Engine Optimization

In the “Ask the SEOs” Q&A session at SMX West 2011, Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay, Greg Boser, Vanessa Fox, Todd Friesen, Jill Whalen and Stephen Spencer discussed all things SEO, talking about current trends, future trends and SEO best practices.

In this spirited Q&A session, some of our favorite SEO experts offered their insights, advice and tips on everyday SEO questions and practices. The focus of the session was the importance of trust and user experience in creating the best, most valuable, and most trustworthy site on the web. Some key takeaways from the session:

  • Focus on User Experience
    • Understand your users, the intent of the search query and provide the most valuable information with clear conversion elements for that search.
  • Create Quality Content
    • Quality content enhances user experience.  Make content relevant to the search query, easy to share and “like” on social media channels.
  • Engage with Social Media
    • Social signals are the new trustable link building opportunities. Engage with your market and create opportunities for your links to be shared.
  • Integrate with PPC
    • Share analytics between PPC and Organic to capitalize on the keywords that are already converting traffic.
  • Optimize across Multiple Channels
    • Now that local, social, mobile, PPC and organic are all merging together to help populate the most relevant search results, integrating these efforts helps to saturate all elements of search.

The overall consensus from the speakers? Build trust. Creating a great website for your users (one that is relevant, user friendly and trustworthy) and enhancing that great website with SEO, social media and local best practices, is the best way to generate traffic, convert visitors and stay on the search engine’s good side.


Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay, Greg Boser, Vanessa Fox, Todd Friesen, Jill Whalen and Stephen Spencer

Contributed by: Meagan Hasenoehrl, e-Strategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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