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Tweeting is SEO – SMX Advanced Seattle

Jun 08, 2011   |   Getting Social, Speaking Our Minds
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Tweeting is SEO

SMX Seattle Tweeting is SEOWhile Twitter is becoming an even more powerful social media tool by showing up in regular search results, many companies do not understand how to set up a proper strategy. A few of the key takeaways from the “Yes, Virginia, Tweeting is SEO” session panel speakers at SMX Advanced Seattle 2011 help to outline a strategy:

  1. Michael Hayward, ROI Labs: Establishing an online presence via Twitter is a necessity, as evidenced by a successful Four Seasons case study. By pointing to articles/stories in their newly-established online magazine on Twitter, Four Seasons saw a 50% increase in organic search volume and an overall increase in ranking for non-travel terms.
  2. Jennifer Lopez, SEOmoz: Think about content, make it shareable and don’t forget to optimize.  A great way to ensure people follow your tweets is to post the same message 2x a day, as many may miss your first message. The 1st tweet title should start with “new blog post (title)” – trends show this title format gets the most re-tweets.
  3. Sean Percival, MySpace: When trying to build excitement for an upcoming event, post a tweet about a week before to build up buzz, not a day or two before the event – there is already too much noise around the topic & your tweets may not be seen.

With its newfound visibility in regular search results, the Twitter platform can help a brand establish their online presence. Without this, brands miss out on a key segment of their market and the chance to find new brand loyalists.

According to Jennifer Lopez, to ensure the proper utilization of a Twitter strategy, it’s very important to implement the following tips within an organization:

  1. Talk to each other – training is key, so don’t keep each team in your company separate; work together.
  2. Share your data – to help portray the importance of cross-optimization, data sharing is crucial to sharing what is working/what needs to be improved/what focus should be. (Example: look at Google Analytics – if a page is losing rank/popularity, utilize social media and focus on that page in strategy.)
  3. Utilize multiple tools – for trending and analytics tracking, some of the suggested Twitter tools include:
    • Twubs: A tool for finding the most popular hashtags for trending topics
    • Social Flow: A product that offers content queue, metrics, insights, tracking, etc.
    • Co-Tweet: This tool helps track and analyze social media engagement
    • BuzzFeed: A platform for identifying viral content

The importance of Twitter is now even more apparent for brands, as regular search results have begun to incorporate this information for its users. Establishing a strong Twitter strategy can help take a brand to the next level and uncover influential hidden followers, both in the social and organic online world.

Michael Hayward, CEO, ROI Labs
Jennifer Lopez, Community Manager, SEOmoz
Sean Percival, Vice President, Online Marketing, MySpace
Elle Shelley, VP Social Media, Zog Media

Contributed by: Selin Maurice, Sr. Account Manager/eStrategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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