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Tech Bytes – TripAdvisor Adds Video to Hotel Reviews (Travel)

Apr 04, 2007   |   Getting Social
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Recently, TripAdvisor released a new feature to its e-opinion travel review site. Registered members of TripAdvisor can upload a video to the site which can then be tagged with a hotel, destination, restaurant, or local attraction. The site has not issued an official announcement of this new feature, as they are most likley waiting for some growth in their video library before publicizing the addition. In the meantime, hoteliers should be aware of the widespread attention their local area or hotel could receive by publishing a video on TripAdvisor.

It is free to upload once you have registered as a member of the site. When visitors of TripAdvisor are on your hotel’s profile they will see a link to view video’s that have been tagged with your hotel name, as well as videos that have been tagged with your destination. What a great way to impress savvy e-opinion site visitors. A good review plus a stunning video – it’s like a free commercial selling your hotel!

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