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Social Media: Next Trend of Search Marketing

Aug 13, 2009   |   Getting Social
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Next Trend of Search Marketing

John Marshall, SES Advisory Board & CTO, Market Motive

Dixon Jones, President and CEO, 3 Dog Media
Anne F. Kennedy,
SES Advisory Board, Founding Partner and CMO, and Managing Partner & Founder, Beyond Ink
Frank Watson, CEO, Kangamurra Media
Pauline Ores, SES Advisory Board & Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Engagement, IBM Corporation

Although millions of people use Google for the search needs, Google is not the one-stop-shop for online advertising opportunities. The following lists why consumers are now using social media to conduct their research before making a purchase.

  1. Social media provides credibility to a product. Reviews on Twitter and Facebook from your friends carry a lot of weight in terms of referral and trust. These channels provide word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Social media provides visual display of product usage. Video channels like YouTube caters to the fundamental marketing principle that consumers are visual people. Like how television ads work, online videos appeals to the senses, providing the user not just information of the product, but an experience of them using the product.
  3. Social media is convenient. As portable devices become more user-friendly (i.e. mobile phones becoming smaller and screens on mobile phones becoming more high-definition), more social media applications allow the user to become more passive in the purchasing cycle. For example, mobile phones can alert the user when someone tweets about a specific subject. Therefore, consumers do not need to be actively searching for information – rather the information comes to them.
  4. Social media is current. Since news can happen at any given second, channels like Twitter provides real time news as it is happening (i.e. the protests in Iran). Meanwhile, Google funnels edited wired news stories, which can happen an hour after the fact.
  5. Social media is fun. They provide an experience of talking and networking with other people whereas Google serves as a library of information. Social media offers a more interactive approach to information gathering.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels offer unique environments for information gathering that is not available with Google Search. Social media is real time information in a fun, user-friendly format. Although Google is powerhouse in online marketing, the next wave in online marketing is the use of social media.

Contributed by: Nelson Toriano, Milestone Internet Marketing

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