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The Benefits of Acknowledging Fans and Followers

Feb 28, 2012   |   Getting Social
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The Benefits of Acknowledging Fans and Followers

Wall posts and tweets are great. But to increase brand loyalty, you need to emotionally connect with the user. Moreover, to increase the likelihood of your post or tweet being shared, the context of the post needs to be worthy enough to be broadcasted. We tested to see if when context of posts and tweets is an acknowledgement (which is a direct personal communication) would increase the likelihood of shares. Acknowledgements are defined as a congratulations, good job, or thank you.

Why is this important? Direct emotional connection causes users to immediately put your brand in front of their minds. You instantly establish credibility as a trustworthy brand. Furthermore, this audience then becomes loyal to your brand. When they share your message to their network, they broadcast your message for you. That way, you just increased the reach and increased your market share of potential guests.

Think of it this way – acknowledgements are easy ways to connect with users and turn them into brand advocates for you. Use them to increase your market share.

  1. Channel: Facebook
    • Client: Budget Hotel in Monterey California
    • Scope of test: Posted an acknowledgement once a day for 5 days
    • Results: Each post yield 1 Like (typically from the person being acknowledged) no shares, and no increase in Facebook fans.
  2. Channel: Twitter
    • Client: Upscale hotel property management group
    • Scope of test: Posted an acknowledgement once a day for 5 days
    • Results: Each tweet retweeted at least once. Most was three times in one day.The Benefits of Acknowledging Fans and Followers

Acknowledgments are great tools to maintain brand loyalty. Although acknowledgements have higher likelihood to be shared on Twitter than on Facebook, they are still great ways to keep users engaged and emotionally connected. Add acknowledgements to the content calendars you maintain for your social media campaigns as additional items you can post or tweet about. That offers new and exciting content for users.

Contributed by Nelson Toriano, Sr. eStrategist

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