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Facebook: how to write relevant content and engage users

Apr 26, 2011   |   Getting Social
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relevant content and engage users

Group networkingGood content is king; therefore, you should update your Facebook page with new content on a regular basis to make sure your fans stay engaged.  Social Media channels can create a genuine buzz and excitement that cannot be conveyed through paid advertising. Hotels should leverage this to its full advantage! Oftentimes, businesses set up Facebook pages but don’t update them or add any valuable content; so they miss out on the advantages of connecting with their fans.

Below are some suggestions on what to share on Facebook to encourage fan engagement and expand your fan base:

  • Stay on topic and stay focused:
    • Include a combination of your own thoughts, breaking news, local events, useful tips, tools, resources, and links from other sites sharing relative topics to your industry.
    • Pick one topic and stick with it – do not mix up topics and talk about several things in the same post.
  • Plan Ahead
    • Create a content calendar if you are having trouble finding topics to discuss.
    • Explore your community and know what is happening — research events, local attractions, festivals, etc.
    • Pick topics that can have follow up posts later.
  • Keep It Simple and Concrete
    • Short, concise posts are the most effective.
    • Do not post anything that could be offensive or could encourage negative comments.
    • Do not post links to articles or information that is difficult to understand/comprehend.
    • Write content that is easy to read and appropriate for everyone.
  • Engage Users
    • Create polls to find out more information about your users’ likes and dislikes, and cater to your audience.
    • Mix up the types of posts by using status updates (including @ tags), discussions tab, links, photos, videos, and events.
    • Add photos – these don’t have to be professional photos. You can snap photos around the property – local events, attractions, etc. using a digital camera. Photos are one of the single most effective engagement items on Facebook.
  • Involve your Employees
    • Ask your employees to post tips about what to do in the area or how to get the best deals/discounts for local attractions.
    • Employees can also post tips on things to do in and around the hotel, such as when is the best time to get a chair by the pool, which is the best seat at the bar to watch the playoff games, etc.
    • Encourage your employees to respond to comments and encourage socializing.
  • Entice Comments and Interaction
    • Ask open ended questions.
    • Respond to posts promptly and encourage users to comment back.
    • Add suspense to comments and create excitement for users to come back.

Overall, it is most important to ensure you are constantly updating your Facebook page on a regular basis, responding to comments from fans, and actively monitoring the page.  Social Media is a fun strategy for online advertising and an informal way to hear feedback from your customers. Take advantage of it and make this marketing strategy high priority!

Contributed by: Kaysha Patel, eStrategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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