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PubCon Session: Science of Social Media and Twitter Targeting

Nov 15, 2010   |   Getting Social
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Science of Social Media and Twitter Targeting

The Science of Social Media Marketing & Twitter: Targeting Retweets & Influential Strategies

This year, at PubCon Las Vegas 2010 the session “The Science of Social Media Marketing” offered some extremely valuable strategies for social media marketers. The session was led by Dan Zarrella. Here are some of the critical take-away points from his presentation on best practices on Twitter to maximize your exposure and fan following:

  • Studies show that the more Twitter users talk about themselves, the fewer followers they have. Also, the more they tweet about negative information or opinions, the fewer followers they have. What is the lesson here? Self-promote less and talk about positive topics and recommendations!
  • Your tweet click-through-rate (CTR) goes down the more consecutive hours you continue to post links in your tweets – an overuse of tweeting links is called “link fatigue”.
  • The top 3 subject matter topics that get re-tweeted include news, humor, and opinions (in that order) so hotels should talk about local news and events, humorous anecdotes and fun facts about things happening in destination area, and their best recommendations for what to see/do when traveling.

Next up in this session was Brett Tabke, CEO of who spoke on the topic “Twitter: Targeting Retweets and Influentials”. His presentation was very informative and offered some valuable insight to Twitter must-haves and best practices. Here are a couple key points he made during his speaking:

  • Tweets are different from the blog posts we may be used to. Blogs live forever, while tweets don’t. The moment we blast out a tweet it is instant and it is live and viral that very second. The first few minutes of sending out a tweet are critical to how quickly it will get passed on. Blogs are different because they build SEO relevancy over time.
  • The tweets that have the highest potential to get re-tweeted are of education content, breaking news, alerts/warning, and promotions/contests.
  • The most popular day of the week and time of day to get re-tweeted is Monday and Wednesday between 2:15-3:30pm EST.

In conclusion, the PubCon sessions on social media science and Twitter interactions were very informative at providing “best practices” tips at the most effective way to get your messages read by your target audiences and tweets to get re-tweeted. The speakers did an excellent job giving must-try tips that all social media marketers should test out and measure for success and impact of their Twitter follower fan base.

Contributed by: Natalie Evans, Milestone Internet Marketing

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