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Travelocity Launches Interactive MySpace Profile Page

June 4, 2007   |   Getting Social
Check out Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome interactive MySpace page! Gnome MySpace page engages consumers by offering funny videos, downloads, etc. This page also has two very...
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Are You Blogging Yet?

April 5, 2007   |   Getting Social
Blogging for Lodging Blogs are the hottest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals. Based on Technorati research (blog search engine), there are almost 3...
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Tech Bytes – TripAdvisor Adds Video to Hotel Reviews ...

April 4, 2007   |   Getting Social
Recently, TripAdvisor released a new feature to its e-opinion travel review site. Registered members of TripAdvisor can upload a video to the site which can then be tagged with a...
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e-Travel Insights – e-Opinion Sites: Why you should love...

April 4, 2007   |   Getting Social
Recently W Hotels conducted a case study to see how many visitors of their site found them through a third-party travel website. They found that 40% of their website visitors were...
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Tune into latest Online Strategies and Promotion Podcast

November 6, 2006   |   Getting Social
In this Podcast, you will discover the hottest news from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. We have provided you latest tips for tapping into the new landscape of web...
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What is Podcasting?

October 25, 2006   |   Getting Social
Is it a slick radio? What is podcasting? Podcasting is the process of creating searchable audio and video files, and distributing that content on the web through RSS syndication...
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Blogs, Oh My!

November 16, 2005   |   Getting Social
BLOG stands for Better Listings On Google! Some portions of this article is taken from the Planet Ocean Newsletter written by Esoos Babnar and some from RSS Made Simple. What are...
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