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Mobile Marketing – Fastest Growing in Advertising

Aug 19, 2010   |   Getting Social
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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Opportunities and Challenges

Mobile Marketing Session at SES San Francisco

Mobile Marketing Session at SES San Francisco

In today’s Getting Mobilized – Mobile Marketing Strategies session at SES in San Francisco, mobile opportunities and threats were discussed. Sandeep with Caris & company shared information on why this arena is ever growing.

  • There are 3 times as many mobile handsets vs. PC’s
  • 35% of mobile handsets are smart phones
  • Mobile is always connected to the internet
  • Mobile internet usage is time and location sensitive
  • Mobile is further down in the funnel purchase cycle
  • Registered information on the user is known for better targeting
  • Mobile advertising is growing the most out of all advertising

Threats & Opportunities

  • Apps reducing dependency on browser based internet
  • Browser based advertising opportunities are under attack
  • Mobile based apps advertising is dominated by Google and Apple (Android and iPhone)
  • Mobile apps offering lower entry barriers and new opportunities
  • Mobile apps offer new real estate for advertising

For optimum ROI, ensure that your mobile site has click to call feature and that purchases are able to be completed effectively. Credit card information is very difficult to enter via a mobile, so being able to connect to a service such as Pay Pal for purchases is critical.

  • Moderator: Paul Cushman, Senior Director, Mobile Sales Strategy, Yahoo!


Speaker Profile

Contributor for Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.: Zulema Romero

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