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Jun 04, 2007   |   Getting Social
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By creating a blog for your hotel, you will be able to attract visitors looking for things to do in your destination. Milestone blogs are “destination centric,” meaning that they are pages discussing dining, local attractions, transportation, local events, etc. We use your hotel as the Featured Property situated within the destination. With pages of the blog discussing all of the local draws to your surrounding area, you will be positioned to capture demand which you’ve never drawn in before.

Milestone will create pages relevant to your business, post articles on different destination-related subjects, and offer a platform for others to write their comments or opinions on that post. We will customize the look and feel of the blog to work with your concept and destination.

As the administrator of the blog, you will have the ability to monitor posts to maintain the integrity of the forum. The value of blogs is twofold: Search Engines and People. Search engines love blogs because they are a channel for fresh, user generated content. People love blogs, because they trust user generated comments as they tend to be frank and candid in nature. These are among the reasons that sites such as Trip Advisor rank high organically—go ahead, be your own Trip Advisor!

The following are among the steps Milestone will take to promote your blog:

1. Enroll your blog into blog search engines and enroll your blog RSS into RSS Search Engines.
2. Offer online functionality for surveys and polls, etc.
3. Assist you in creating time sensitive offers, such as coupons, local specials, etc. at least two to three times a month.
4. Send email campaigns to let people know that they can find offers only on your blog.

Tracking the ROI of your blog is of utmost importance to Milestone and its clients. Using the following techniques, Milestone will be able to measure your success:

• Enrolling/submitting your feed using Feedburner, software that gives you the flexibility to manage RSS feeds and track usage of subscribers.
• Adding online tracking software such as Urchin and Webtrends to track unique visitors, page views, and referrals, etc.
• Phone Tracking – Add phone tracking on your blog to find out what people are asking when they call after reviewing your blog.

For examples of two different types of Milestone Blogs, check out:

Click here to request more information about how to develop a blog or Contact: (888) 350-8396; [email protected]

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