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Hotel 1000 Facebook Like Counter Sweepstakes

May 31, 2013   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Getting Social
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Hotel 1000 Facebook Like Counter Sweepstakes

Hotel Name: Hotel 1000

Campaign: Social Media – Facebook Sweepstake

Campaign Start Date: April 9, 2013

Hotel 1000 Facebook Page


Hotel 1000 sweepstakes


Hotel 1000 is an award-winning luxury hotel in Seattle and named as one of Conde Nast’s top 200 hotels per readers’ choice. With the growing popularity of social media, and the hotel’s need to increase its social media presence, Milestone Internet Marketing created a Facebook sweepstakes to help drive traffic to the site, increase the hotel’s social media fan-base, and generate email leads. The more Facebook likes the hotel captures, the more, bigger, and better prizes they give away. And in order to implement this, Milestone integrated a custom developed real-time like counter.

The purpose of the sweepstakes is to:

  • Drive visibility to the hotel
  • Increase Facebook fan base through social sharing
  • Enhance user experience
  • Increase fan loyalty
  • Increase social referral traffic and conversion to their brand and hotel websites
  • Capture email leads


Budget: $1100


The campaign started in April 9, 2013 and end date is yet to be determined. As of today (May 31, 2013) the hotel has seen significant results:

  • Over 1200 unique entries, capturing the same amount of email addresses
  • 1945 new Facebook likes to date

Contributed by:
Brittany Bingham, Social Media Manager
Teresa Villaruz, Sr. Marketing Specialist

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