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Get Rewarded for Going Green

Oct 17, 2008   |   Getting Social
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Green friendly lifestyles are becoming more popular as the general public is growing aware of the global environmental challenges. People are looking for resources to find information on alternative energy, transportation, housing, products, and technology. As companies are going green, it is important to take advantage of different channels to publicize your efforts. 

One site to highlight is, which is a Digg type site that focuses on user generated Green news. It’s the newest green media for you – by you! Users can share and vote on articles, videos, and websites that feature environmental topics. Viewers can “HUGG” (vote) for specific articles that are considered to be important, and the top stories are displayed on the front page. While Digg is focused mostly on technology related news, Hugg is geared towards the green social news niche. It soon could be crucial to know of how to cope with our rapidly changing environment, and is a great resource.


Contributed by: Mariko Kato, Milestone Internet Marketing

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