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Facebook Deals

Nov 08, 2010   |   Getting Social
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Facebook Deals

Facebook updates Places by adding Deals for business

What is Facebook Deals?

First, Facebook introduced Facebook Places to provide a FB page for a business’ physical location – they encourage people to “check-in” when they arrive at the venue. This week, they have added Facebook Deals to Facebook Places!

Businesses can now add special offers and coupons to their Places page, and Facebook users can easily find that deal, depending on their physical location.  Facebook Deals is a new way for businesses to generate awareness and build loyalty with their customers.

Watch official Facebook video on Deals:

Facebook Deals - a new way to connect with customers

Facebook Deals – a new way to connect with customers

The Value of Facebook Deals


1)      Build Customer Loyalty

  • Focus on building relationships with your loyal customers.
  • Loyal customers generate repeat business.
  • They influence the purchase decisions for those around them.

2)      Spread the word “Word of Mouth Marketing”

  • When someone checks in your business and you’re offering a deal, his/her friends will hear about it and see it as a status update

3)      Acquire New Customers

  • Deals appear on your smart phone
  • Generate exposure to over 200 million active Facebook Mobile users
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Boosts Walk-ins / Up-selling
Sharing deals with friends

Sharing deals with friends

How to create a Facebook Deal

1)      Go to your claimed Facebook Places account and select “Create Deal

2)       Choose your deal type

3)      Define your offer

4)      Specify run dates & restrictions

5)      Promote your deal!

Create a deal from the Places page

Create a deal from the Places page

Deal types and settings

Deal types and settings

When can this be added?


Facebook Deals is in beta and is available to a limited set of claimed Places in the US. The product will be available for all business in 1-2 weeks.

Getting deals through the iPhone

Getting deals through the iPhone

Contributed by Zaid Ramadan, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc

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