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e-Travel Insights – e-Opinion Sites: Why you should love them?

Apr 04, 2007   |   Getting Social
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Recently W Hotels conducted a case study to see how many visitors of their site found them through a third-party travel website. They found that 40% of their website visitors were referred to their website through some other site, such as the ever-popular TripAdvisor or Travelocity.

What’s to be learned from this is that third party travel websites are growing in popularity amongst potential travelers. Even more so, the ones that are offering e-opinions from our peers are gaining the hottest buzz in the industry. For example, the e-opinion site, TripAdvisor, gets over 20 million unique visitors to the site each month and has a database of over 5 million registered members. The TripAdvisor site allows users to peruse top destinations, save their favorite hotels and vacations to their MyTrips file, respond to peer reviews, and view videos of their perspective travel destination.

TripAdvisor allows visitors to see a ranking of preferred hotels by city and even shop for the lowest rate available through multiple online booking sites. This is all free publicity and marketing for the hotel if managed correctly. Encourage your guests to use these sites as virtual comment cards and post your best reviews yourself. This is a credible way to increase the travel buzz for your hotel and local area!

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