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Day 1: Social Media & Search Marketing: Not the Same Old Stuff

Jun 10, 2009   |   Getting Social
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Social Media & Search Marketing

Rae Hoffman, Owner, Sugarrae Internet Consulting

Brent Csutoras, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Brent Csutoras, Inc
Jen Miller,
Manager, Onsite Marketing & Content, iProspect
Dave Snyder, Co-Founder, Search & Social

Managing your social media profiles can become repetitive once you get the hang of things. Here are a few new tips and tactics to try:

Stumble Upon Tactics:

  • Select categories with the biggest audience. The pages that you submit into Stumble will only appear in the networks of people that have selected the same categories as you. Go to to find out the hot and popular categories / tags at the moment 
  • Find the right categories for you by going to 
  • Avoid using the ‘SHARE’ button. There is a lot of negative buzz surrounding this feature. Instead, use the “SEND TO” button to make the profile more natural. 
  • Avoid patterns and only voting for your friends. 
  • Add and make new friends on a regular basis 
  • Vote for video and photos 
  • Tag & Review often 
  • Optimize your profile (fill out as much information as possible)

Flickr Tactics:

  • Upload photos that someone would enjoy looking at or share 
  • Add unique titles with keywords 
  • Start your own group and recruit new members 
  • Upload photos every 2 -3 weeks 
  • Limit anchor texts to only the better quality photos 
  • Limit back links to your website, your account may be banned if abused. 
  • Be aware of Creative Commons 
  • Become a member of the Pro Account. It’s only $25!

Viral link building will happen naturally with the right strategy. Be a good contributor to the social community by creating authentic profiles. The panel suggested thinking of social media as a fast track SEO. The bottom line is … social media is not all about links, it is about visibility.

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