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Google Hotel Finder

Google Hotel Finder

July 29, 2011
Google just announced their newest experiment, the Google Hotel Finder. This is a tool that helps users find hotels, prices and locations more easily. Currently, it is only...

What the Netflix Price Hike Can Teach Us

July 29, 2011
When Netflix raised its rates a couple of weeks ago, the internet was abuzz with bloggers and angry consumers bashing the streaming entertainment giant. Just six hours after the...
iPhone Mobile Browsing

Apple’s Q3 Profits and Revenue

July 28, 2011
Apple is changing technology by creating products we can use anywhere at anytime. The iPhone and iPad can be easily transported and used versus using a desktop computer. Mobile...
Video camera

Magical Marketing Spells from Harry Potter

July 22, 2011
As fans of all ages say goodbye to Harry Potter in the last film, and the movie franchise calls it a wrap, fans are eager to have a little more fun from their much beloved book...