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Uptick in Clicks? Find Out the Latest Search Analytics Update

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Uptick in Clicks? Find Out the Latest Search Analytics Update

Google Search Console, formally known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a tool used by many to improve their website content and performance. Google updated how they calculate the clicks and impressions in the Search Analytics report within the Google Search Console. The change began on April 26th and your report will show a line representing the date of the update.  Google is now counting links shown in the Knowledge Panel, rich snippets, and the local results in Search. These links are now all counted as URL impressions.  This will allow your business to analyze better data, as more people are using rich snippets and local results.  The changes were stated to mostly affect mobile apps but we have seen a drastic increase in clicks and CTR values when reviewing several hotel performance reports. Are you seeing a high CTR since the update? Let us know, we are continuing to monitor reports regarding this change.

Google Console Update Specifics:

Local results – if a URL from your site is included in the local result, its counted as in impression
If the same URL is included multiple times that URL is just counted once

Future Search Console Changes:

Early discussions of how to include Voice Search data in the Search reports are happening.  These discussion may lead to separating out Voice Search, much like how mobile and desktop searches are separated today.  Voice search are much longer queries, even whole sentences, and has much more variations than typing a few keywords.  This poses a potential problem when there are so many unique queries, as they could just be filtered out but if possible to separate this gives marketers a holistic picture of performance.

Google Console

Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss changes with your website performance, or contact [email protected] to arrange a demo of our products and services.

Contributed by: Jon Pappas, Account Manager SEO Strategist

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