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Google Analytics – PubCon 2011

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Google Analytics – PubCon 2011

The latest version of Google Analytics is called GA V5. New items added on GA:

  • Dashboard – ability to create up to 20 different role-specific dashboards
  • Real-time – real-time data for your web site can now been seen, with only a few ms delay. You can use this data to find out if your efforts are becoming fruitful or not
  • Intelligence events – it’s a machine-learning algorithm that analyses your data for baseline and then calls out positive or negative anomalies. You can also set text or email alerts when certain preset conditions defined by you are met
  • Goal Funnel – you can now define your own goal funnel
  • Flow visualization – you can easily visualize your traffic and conversion paths
  • Visits flow – shows you all possible paths through your website where people are going. It takes all your data and makes it visual for you

Some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Implementation is King – you need to ensure that your analytics account is setup correctly. If you see your own site show up as referrals, you can be rest assured that your implementation is not done right and you need to get it fixed.
  • Take the time to understand what it is you want to measure
  • Tag relevant stuff.  Make sure you have implemented the correct tag on your web site. Tag banner ads, images, etc by using Google’s URL Builder. If you do not tag your Bing PPC campaigns, GA will report that data as Bing Organic. Therefore, it’s important to tag.
  • Use Top Exit Pages report to figure out where to start testing
  • Implement Site Search to see if you’re missing content

New items that are going to be added to Google Analytics:

  • Forced migration into GA V5
  • Google + Pages integration
  • You can submit top 3 feedback on how GA can be made better for publishers. Feedback form can be found here.


Ashish Vij, Google

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