Conversion Best Practices

Conversion in a Social World with Tim Ash

Conversion in a Social World with Tim Ash – PubCon 2011

November 9, 2011
In this PubCon Las Vegas 2001 session, Tim Ash, CEO of, examines social media conversions. Too often in social media we focus on niche markets and end up missing...
Leveraging PPC

Leveraging PPC During the Holiday Season

September 21, 2011
Looking to increase conversion during the Holiday Season? Look to PPC! Follow these tips to help increase traffic during a historically slow period in the hotel...
AdWords Update

AdWords Update Provides New Analytics, Mobile Targeting, and...

August 16, 2011
Recent changes to Google AdWords have lead to a new display format for text ads, new analytics, and more focused targeting options for mobile and tablet...
Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos – Free Photo Shoot for Hotels

May 12, 2011
Google Business Photos will have photographers photograph the interior spaces of the hotel for free and post them in your Google Places...
Google Panda

Google Panda Update: Quality Content is more Important than Ever

March 23, 2011
Google’s latest algorithm update known as the “panda” penalized a lot of low quality and shallow content sites. According to Matt Cutts, Google’s main focus is making...
Mobile Paid Search

Mobile Paid Search – Don’t Wait!

March 22, 2011
It should no longer be a question of whether or not hospitality clients should have a mobile presence. Rather, hotels and resorts should be focusing on ways to enhance their...
Facebook PPC Campaigns

Facebook PPC Campaigns

March 22, 2011
Facebook PPC campaigns can be a very cost effective way to drive traffic to a business Facebook page or website. There are distinct differences between Facebook and Google ads...
Site Link Extensions

Site Link Extensions

March 22, 2011
Ad Sitelinks is a feature for paid listing ads that let you include up to 4 additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page. With Sitelinks you...
Low Quality Links

Stay Away from Link Farm and Paid Low Quality Links

March 22, 2011
A recent NY Times article discussed the black hat SEO activities conducted by retailer J.C. Penney, their short-term reward, and the enduring consequences. Working with link farms...