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Apr 04, 2007   |   About Us, Conversion Best Practices
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e-Reach Email Marketing Tool
emailer1Email marketing is one of the most effective communication and promotion vehicles in the internet marketplace, and is a revolutionary way to increase sales and profits. Milestone’s permission-based email service will help you target, create, and deliver effective messaging with lightning speed that drives action and manages customer relationships. Hotels benefit from email marketing because it’s fast, direct, cost-effective, and builds loyal relationships. (If you are a branded property, make sure that you check your brand guidelines and tools available from your brand prior to using E-Reach).

Why Choose Milestone e-Reach for Email Marketing?

Here are the key reasons clients select Milestone’s email marketing tool:
• Delivery of messages – proactively works with data service providers to meet the latest regulations and help deliver emails to consumer’s inbox.
• High quality designs targeted for lodging industry for multiple occasions
• Custom Content provided for each template
• Flexible model – choose from self service option to Milestone managed model.
• Tracking and reporting tool – Milestone E-Reach provides you complete reporting capability.

Customer Relationship Management

e-Reach can be bundled effectively by an Upsell Email and e-Survey. This part is most applicable to independent properties (most brands provide email confirmation and also send out survey to the customer after check-out).

Upsell email is sent to guest prior to check-in, mainly with the intent of promoting packages and other services that the hotel may offer. These emails help build a closer relationship with the guest while at the same time offering an opportunity to the hotel to sell more services to the guests.

e-Survey is a powerful and easy-to-use online customer survey tool. Our state-of-the-art survey software features detailed reporting, data distribution, evaluation and collection capabilities, with full service support from the Milestone team. Clients can use Milestone’s survey tools to collect feedback from their customers, employees, meeting planners or members of an organization. You can completely customize every question and format, or use existing samples to design your survey forms. E-Surveys can be bundled with e-Reach so that they are sent automatically after the guests check out of the hotel.

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