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Custom Wi-Fi Landing Page

Sep 13, 2010   |   Conversion Best Practices
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Custom Wi-Fi Landing Page

The J.D. Power and Associates 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study reveals that the most important amenity for guests during the year of May 2009 – June 2010 was the availability of wireless internet service. Providing that service for them – whether for free or fee-based – can give you an often overlooked marketing opportunity to a captive audience.

Ranking of most important hotel amenities by segment

Ranking of most important hotel amenities by segment

If you offer wireless internet service for your guests, then you have a great opportunity to connect with them by using a custom Wi-Fi landing page. By appealing directly to your customers’ desires and interests, a well constructed landing page can create a rewarding experience for the customer and put your property at the front of their minds just at the moment when they are going online to engage with their social networks.

Here are the top five ways to improve your Wi-Fi landing page:

  1. Create a compelling call to action
  2. Enhance the web experience of your paying customers
  3. Encourage customers to engage with your social media profiles
  4. Drive qualified traffic to UGC sites like Yelp and Google to leave reviews
  5. Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter

Have other great ideas or success stories from using a custom Wi-Fi landing page? Share in the comments below!

Contributed by Mike Supple, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc

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