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Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP Visibility Milestone Inc

Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP...

February 5, 2021   |   SEO
With the introduction of Google’s “Universal Search” back in May of 2007, brands have long become accustomed to the importance of optimizing a variety of different types of...
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Guide to Link Building and Authority Building in 2021 Milestone Inc

Guide to Link Building and Authority Building in 2021

January 28, 2021   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google wants to make sure that the websites they offer to their customers answer their questions and fulfill their needs. They seek highly authoritative sites that demonstrate...
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Tree diagram color icon. Hierarchical system. Node link diagram. Visual representation of processes and relationships. Tree structure. Sequence and submission. Isolated vector illustration

Google Introduces Subtopic Rankings, a New SEO Opportunity

January 18, 2021   |   SEO
Google has confirmed that they launched their new subtopic rankings for certain queries. Learn what they did and how to use...
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Paid media providers and networks Milestone Inc

Guide to Paid Media 2021

January 15, 2021   |   Paid Media
Paid media can be an effective way to increase traffic and revenue. There are 10 primary paid channels to choose from and this guide will help you understand them...
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Guide to Content Marketing

Guide to Content Marketing in 2021

January 4, 2021   |   Content Marketing
Content marketing is a potent marketing technique for engaging audiences and generating sales. The important thing to remember is that every written element of a campaign can...
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Guide-to-Social-Media-2021-Milestone-Inc -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2021

January 1, 2021   |   Getting Social
Recent trends in social media usage have evolved more than ever; Statista found a 21% increase in users around the globe as a result of 2020 events. So, whether it’s for...
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AMP increases organic sessions -, Milestone Inc.

Using AMP Increases Speed, Core Vitals, Rank, Traffic, and...

January 1, 2021   |   SEO
AMP will get your site ready for Google’s User Experience Update. Now more than ever is the time to implement AMP. With Google announcing the Core Web Vitals metric and its...
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Milestones-Digital-Marketing-Roadmap_ (1) -, Milestone Inc.

Top 10 Tips on Your Digital Marketing Roadmap to Success in 2020...

January 1, 2021   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, feature
The last few years provided some significant shifts in digital marketing that impacted every marketer and site. Mobile-first indexing officially paved the way for a new way of...
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Best practices to implement FAQs -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to FAQs and How to Do It Right

December 29, 2020   |   Web Design and Promotion
Every search query is a question, so every search result listing should be an answer. This could not be more true for frequently asked questions or FAQs, and that is why Google...
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Guide to Pay Per Click and Paid Search -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing, PPC & Paid Search...

December 29, 2020   |   Paid Media
Pay-per-click advertising is a popular media option because it virtually guarantees traffic with the media spend, whereas impression-based media buys can get exposure and cost but...
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