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SpongeBob, the Mario Brothers, and a Teletubbie all Seen at the Milestone Office this Halloween

Oct 31, 2011   |   About Us
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SpongeBob, the Mario Brothers

Mondays can sometimes be hard to wake up for, but never when they fall on October 31st at Milestone headquarters! Our team celebrated Halloween with a costume contest and spooky meals (including a bubbling witch’s brew).

We are proud to congratulate Liz Valdez who won the costume contest grand prize for her handmade creation of SpongeBob SquarePants.  Account manager John Pol took home second place honors with his eerie portrayal of Jigsaw from the scary movie series Saw.

Milestone Halloween-300 266

To view a complete series of photos from Milestone’s Halloween party, please take a gander in our Flickr gallery, if you dare! Or, simply watch the video below:

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