Yahoo Site Explorer Dashboard Update

Yahoo Site Explorer New Features:

  • Yahoo Key Terms displays results for search terms from Yahoo search that drive visitors to the site
  • Delicious Activities provides number of Delicious bookmarks to homepage.
  • Top Delicious tags provides the top Delicious tags for the site. E.g. “Hotel” and “Travel” are Top Delicious tags as shown in the example below.
  • Yahoo SearchMonkey Objects provides the detail information about Yahoo Search Monkey Objects (Local, Video etc.).


Be sure to login to your Yahoo Site Explorer dashboard to find make user of these new features.

3 Responses to “ Yahoo Site Explorer Dashboard Update ”

Please! You have to help me! Why when i submit my blog yahoo say:

Key Terms: active members, forum posts, WordPress, download, All Members, nowton, bibliya, Ronia, Sofian, Anom, aces, Selu, Vega, fth, depard, Paul Gibbs

none of these keywords is from my site!!! Where yahoo got these keywords?

Hi Rodrigo,

In order to make sure Yahoo is attributing the correct keyterms to your website, make sure your website is being properly indexed by Yahoo. Submit your sitemap to Yahoo if you have not done so already. Also make sure you’ve submitted your sitemap to Google Webmasters as well. If you’ve already submitted your site to Google Webmasters, check to see if Google is indexing you for those keyterms as well. If they both are, you might have to review the content in your sitemap. Submitting your sitemap correctly will insure search engines are crawling the exact pages you want them to crawl. Below are some additional resources.

Link to Yahoo Sitemap Submission:;_ylt=A0oGk.j7kh5ORz4BXDhdhMkF
Link to Google Webmaster:
Information about sitemaps:

Katie Flanagan, Milestone

This hapen after i submit on Google webmasters tools and yahoo site explorer.
I resubmit to see what hapen.

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