Getting More AdWords Exposure

What are Sitelink Extensions:

  • Sitelink Extensions are four additional links to deeper content on your website
  • Each extension can have a maximum of 35 characters
  • Google only shows 4 extensions for the top three ads, although you can setup upto 10 sitelink extensions per campaign
PPC Sitelink Examples

Figure 1: 4 Sitelinks are shown in the red box. Each extension links to a separate page on the website.

Why Use Sitelink Extensions:

  • Sitelinks extend the value of your ads by providing additional relevant links for users.
  • Tracking each sitelinks provides information into what package or perks are converting. Results?
  • Sitelink extensions have a lower average cost-per-click and much higher CTR compared to the campaign.
PPC Sitelink Example Results

Figure 2: Results of sitelink extensions. The campaign has a CTR of 2. 42% and average CPC of $4.96, whereas with the sitelink extensions the CTR is 28.46% and the average CPC is $0.38

What are Location Extensions:

  • Location Extensions allow you to attach your business address and phone number to your ad
  • Location Extensions only appear when the ad is in one of the top three positions.

    PPC Location Extension Example

    Figure 3: Above is an example of a location extension with an ad. Below the adcopy is the location extension for the property and map with directions, full address, and phone number.

Why Use Location Extensions:

  • Location extensions have a higher CTR than the campaign and can be tracked
  • Raise awareness to the user who may be close to physically visit the hotel
  • Useful for hotels with multiple locations running under one campaign. Google will pick the location extension that you have set up that matches closest to the users search
PPC Location Extension Results

Figure 4: Results of locations extensions. The campaign has a CTR of 2.42% and average CPC of $4.96, whereas with the location extensions the CTR is 7.75% and the average CPC is $1.69

We have seen that effective use of sitelink and location extensions drive relevant traffic from paid campaigns and provide a higher ROI. All advertisers should take advantage of these opportunities to drive quality traffic to your website from paid search campaigns.

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff & Justin Varghese, Milestone Internet Marketing

One Response to “ Getting More AdWords Exposure ”

Wow! That’s the first thing that comes to mind after discovering this new method of PPC marketing. I never knew you could use Ad extensions or Location extensions on a PPC Campaign. This type of service provided to not just Hotels but any type of business can greatly benefit the end user by allowing more traffic to seep into more it’s core pages and allow more interaction and higher conversions overall.

I would be honored to sell a service like this…and would even use it for my business too!

Thanks for creating this Ad service and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Marshall Adler | CEO

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