Google Focuses on Blogs

Google adds a new blog search filter, enabling users to find blogs for specific search terms

Google added a key new blog filter which allows users to find blogs related to their specific search terms. This filter can be accessed from the left hand side or from the top navigation of Google’s search page.

Choose "Blogs" from Google's drop-down menu

Choose "Blogs" from Google's drop-down menu

Selecting blog resutls from the left column of Google

Selecting blog results from the left column of Google

Benefits of Google’s Blog Filter

The blog filter makes it much easier to find relevant blogs. For bloggers, this will let them connect with other bloggers within their category. This will allow the bloggers to expand the reach of their blog and get more comments from other writers.

From an SEO perspective, this feature presents a huge link building opportunity.

  • Makes it significantly easier to find relevant blogs and websites
  • Opportunity to find quality back links
  • New ideas for blog content, especially what content ranks well on Google Blogs

So folks, while this is a very simple filter tool, it can be of immense value in your blogging and SEO. Make use of it.

Contributed by Manisha Kumar begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc

2 Responses to “ Google Focuses on Blogs ”

It would be very interesting to hear more of your thoughts on how to use this tool. Some locally based ideas would be great to hear. Nobody seems to focus on local link building techniques. Thanks for the information.

Hi, if you search for any term under the Blog filter, you can find a good number of local link building opportunities. For example, if you type in Halloween in San Francisco, and look under the Blog Filter, you will find a whole slew of other related blogs. If you have a good blog post of your own, you could connect with the other bloggers and see if they would be willing to give you a link on to their blog. Most of them would be happy to engage in some sort of a mutually beneficial way.

-Manisha Kumar, Milestone Internet Marketing

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