Bookmark multiple bookmarking sites with one click

Onlywire lets you bookmark on multiple social bookmarking sites. You can bookmark with one click thus making the process of bookmarking efficient and an easy one. Here is instruction on how to bookmark multiple sites:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign up for the account.

  3. Go to: and install Add-on for firefox or Internet explorer.

    Install OnlyWire

  4. You will get Install OnlyWire on browser.

  5. Open the webpage that you want to bookmark on all major social sites.

  6. Click on Install OnlyWire from browser and select “Bookmark and share(grames)” option.

  7. Click on”Set Up Your Bookmarking Sites” option.

    Book & Share Tool

  8. Here you will get following screen and simultaneously we can bookmark on all following bookmarking sites.

    Social Media Icons

    Note: To submit we need to create account on each of them and we have to save those login infromaiton on this page for future use also.

  9. Click on Save my settings.
    Save My Logins
  10. Here, you can see “success status” of each of the social bookmarking sites.

    Recently Bookmarked

  11. Open the webpage that you want to bookmark.
  12. Click on bookmark button. Install OnlyWire and you will get following screen. Fill up the all fields(Title,URL etc.).

    Recently Bookmarked

  13. Click on “POST LINK TO.” at the right corner and you will get list of bookmarking sites. Then select list of bookmarking sites as per requirement.

    Recently Bookmarked

  14. Click on “bookmark page” button and automatically you can bookmark to multiple social bookmarking sites with just one click.

5 Responses to “ Bookmark multiple bookmarking sites with one click ”

thanks for this information. It’s really helpful. Is it possible without installationof toolbar…?

Thanks for your comment. There are a few different tools that allow bookmarking multiples accounts at once, but they do all require some form of signup and/or installation at this time.

Mike Supple

Is there a way to see the links to your bookmarks that you have created? How many bookmarks on average will this create?


Hi Heather,

Onlywire does offer analytics with their accounts, showing you what links were sent where and how many clicks they have gotten. You may need to be signed up for their paid service for this feature. The number of services they are attached to changes as new companies enter the bookmarking space and other companies leave, but they currently advertise that there are over 40 services attached.

Mike Supple

.Can I use this method without spending any money?I mean is a paid service.

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